Entries for January 2015

  • #WorkitWednesday- Editorial Calendar Magic

    Simply stated, an editorial calendar is a way to organize what you are posting online and where. That’s it. It’s not scary. It’s awesome. This way you can organize themes and special events and keep everyone on the same page. We’ve used two different kinds for our clients. We started with one like this—one that is […]

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  • Book Review – Traction by Gino Wickman

    A couple of months ago I did a project for one of our clients, BookBrainer, where I “brainified” the book Traction, by Gino Wickman. That means I spoke with Wickman himself a handful of times, read the book closely, and wrote about 60 questions about the book. (You can read more about BookBrainer on their […]

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  • Fear of Getting it Wrong

    This may come as a surprise, but I do have a life outside of my work at Slanted. I’m also getting a degree in music. Because I’m a masochist and enjoy torturing myself. I’m in my senior year, so I’m wrapping things up. But in an effort to make me marketable after I graduate (as […]

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  • Go Where Your Audience Is #WorkitWednesday

    How do you know what avenue is the best to pursue to get the best marketing results? With all the emerging social media outlets and the old faithful (Facebook, email newsletters, etc.) how can you identify which one will be the best for you and your company’s needs? Go where your audience is. It sounds simple […]

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  • New Year’s Resolutions

    “Do as I say, not as I do.” Who hasn’t heard that from a parent or other authority figure? Well, we’re trying to steer as far away from that as possible. Since we asked you guys for your New Year’s resolutions, it’s only fair that we share ours with you. So here we go: Slanted’s […]

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  • New Year, New Marketing Platform! #WorkitWednesday

    It’s January! A whole new year. By now, everyone is getting settled into the new year and making plans for all the big things they hope to accomplish this year. What are they things you hope to accomplish? Did going to the gym make the list? Or maybe read a new book? What about getting […]

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