Entries for June 2018

  • Blogging for B2B Business Development

    Did you know that company websites with blogs generate 67 percent higher leads on average? Probably not; otherwise you wouldn't be here! In all seriousness, converting more leads is what you want right? But how do you do this? By incorporating a call to action (CTA) within each blog article – typically towards the end of the post to not appear spammy.

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  • The Story of the Accidental Entrepreneur

    This month marks the 5th anniversary of me leaving my first and last agency job. Whoa! And thanks to Facebook, because I can never remember what year ...

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  • B2B Content Trends: What You Should Be Doing

    Truth be told, the idea of B2B content marketing still is an issue for many, and business sales often reflect that. With that said, there are some tips and trends you should take note of to ensure your marketing is most successful each time.

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