Entries for September 2014

  • Sunday Funday – September 21

      Hey! It’s Sunday! Some people love Sundays, some people hate them. Me? It depends on what’s going on that day. But here at Slanted, our Sunday Funday post will be short and sweet and give you something to look forward to as you start your new week. So, here’s what’s on the docket today: […]

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  • Social Media Lesson #1: Showing Up

    Okay, so the lesson about showing up is hardly only applicable to social media, and I’ll probably hammer it a few times. Showing up is most of the battle for everything you do in your life. What I want to do today is to help you conquer the bulk of the struggle when it comes […]

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  • Content Marketing, Graphic Design, and More

    So here we are! And I’m launching a new company. That’s being a little liberal with the terminology considering nothing much is changing. I’m still doing the bulk of the work and legwork, but I’ve grabbed a few strategic partners to help me give a more full service menu to my clients. I’ve been on […]

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