#WorkitWednesday—Happy April

Posted on March 31, 2015 by Kara in Work it Wednesday, March Madness

Our favorite Spartans are back in the Final Four!

While March Madness still isn’t over just yet (Go Green!), the month of March has come to a close. So we’ve got to wrap up our March Madness Challenge. How’d you do? How was your March Madness Marketing Makeover Month? I only wish I’d thought of that alliteration a month ago when this whole thing started. Oh well.

Let’s look over the things we learned about:

First we started with Googling ourselves and seeing what our online presence was. Go for it again now! Right now. Open another tab and Google yourself. Look a little better? Hope so!

Then, we set up Google Alerts so we can be in the know when we’re the topic of conversation on the interwebs.

Then, Jensie rocked our world with her knowledge of boilerplates and how to conduct your very own boilerplate audit.

Finally, we pulled it all together with press kits and putting them up on our pages.

Woo! What a month it has been. March Madness is real. Between spring jumping in, and getting caught up on life, spring cleaning, school, work, whatever you’ve got going on—March really can be madness! But hopefully this challenge gave you (gives you, will give you) a base for your marketing platform for the rest of the year!

Oh and Happy April!