#WorkitWednesday – Find Your Brand’s Voice

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Kara in Work it Wednesday

Yesterday I was chatting about voice with Jensie during our little impromptu Google Hangouts business-related meeting. She mentioned that she worries that as our little business grows, it will become more apparent that she’s not doing some of the writing. (Because, of course, she’ll have many more important things to do.)

This brought up a little bit of a conversation about how the voice of the business is changing a little bit as the business changes, and leads us to ask: what is your voice? What do you want it to be? What makes you different? Does that come through in how you do business?

A few days ago, we shared this article from on Facebook. It offered a few questions we can ask ourselves in order to identify our voice:

“What’s unique about your business?”

“What’s special about your products?”

“What’s special about the way you do business?”

“What’s your company culture like? (Are you buttoned-up or playful?)”

“How do your employees relax together? (Do you play beer pong in the parking lot or have morning yoga sessions?)“

“How do you want to be regarded by customers and your community? (Are you a trusted source for high-level insight or hands-on practical advice?)”

So here’s today’s #WorkitWednesday challenge: Review these questions and come up with your own version of a mission statement. It doesn’t have to be anything too formal, but it should be unique to you and your business. I liked how the article mentioned that we should narrow down a few keywords that set you apart from other businesses.