How to Tell If Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Posted on October 21, 2015 by Jensie in Work it Wednesday

You already know that your site is supposed to be mobile-friendly. You heard about the Google thing. You may have even been contacted by your website designer/developer to offer you some solutions to making your site mobile-friendly. But do you know if your site is actually mobile friendly? Do you know how many of your visitors are mobile users? 

There are a couple of ways for websites to be mobile-friendly. The best method is for your site to be responsive. This means that the site resizes to whatever size screen it is displayed on and looks great. So no matter if someone is looking on their laptop, large monitor, phone (portrait or landscape), tablet (small or large, portrait or landscape), or on a huge phone (iPhone 6), or something I've forgotten to even list, your site looks and functions properly. 

Some sites, as smartphones were gaining popularity, actually have a mobile option. This is another method for a "mobile-friendly" site. This is really a poor excuse for mobile-friendly and probably isn't doing you any favors. These types of sites actually have a second site that will display if someone is accessing your site from a mobile device (usually like The worst of these have no branding and look terrible (like the old WordPress versions), though some are a little better and carry some of the branding (colors, logo) with basic functionality. So even if you have this type of "mobile-friendly" site, it's time to upgrade to a responsive site. Not only because of the changes to Google's search rankings, but for functionality for your users, and the sheer number of devices people are using to access your site.

So you need to check your site! The best place for checking if your site is Google's version of mobile-friendly is with their site checker. You can also check it yourself on your different devices, if you have them. There's also a few simulators out there that you can run through to see how your site looks on iPhones and iPads, or other devices, including tablets, Windows phones, and more. These won't give you a thumbs up or down on the mobile-friendliness of your site, but show you how your site displays.

Found a problem? That's okay, there are lots of great folks out there who can help you with a redesign. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, it's probably time for you to redo your site anyway! We recommend checking out the folks at Clicks & Mortar Websites. They're the awesome company behind our shiny, new, responsive site and they do a great job.

So check your site and get to work (this is #WorkitWednesday after all). With the majority of folks on mobile web now, and lots of people ONLY on the mobile web, you can't afford to lose that traffic.