Yes, You Need a Press Kit

Posted on March 20, 2015 by Jensie in Branding

Does your business have a press kit? Wait, back up. Do you know what a press kit is?

A press kit is a way for you to give reporters the tools they need to write a story about you. Assuming you want them too…. You do! Even in the age of content marketing and social media, a lot of people put credibility in the appearance of your business in print or broadcast news. You can be doing everything right, and a quick blurb about you in the local paper (digital or paper) or a quick appearance on the morning news will get you a lot of traction.

So what’s in a press kit? Easy. A couple of different length BOILERPLATES that include information about what your business is and what you do, when you were founded, how big the company is, and maybe even a little backstory on why you built the company. You’ll also want bios of your principals (maybe that’s just you!) and a good headshot for everyone involved. Also include a good quality, hi-res logo that’s downloadable. Ta da! You’ve got it. The bigger the company, the complicated the press kit (think: info and pictures of notable products, etc.) but if you have a small business, you don’t need a lot to make sure you’re ready when the opportunity arises.

That’s it! Like most things, it’s not as scary or intimidating as you think. You probably have all the pieces scattered around. Wednesday we’ll get you moving to put it all together!