#WorkitWednesday – Boilerplate Audit

Posted on March 19, 2015 by Jensie in Branding

As Jensie promised in her post last week, this week’s March Madness challenge is to do your own boilerplate audit.

Here’s the gist:

Q: How do I do a boilerplate audit?

A: Start with your elevator pitch. Write it down. Now, from there, look at all the places you write an ABOUT blurb for your brand. Check your website, Facebook, Yelp, Google Plus, LinkedIn page (personal and company). Get the picture? They should all say the same things. And what they say is what you should say when people ask you what you do.

Q: Now what?

A: Well, now you’ll have to do some work. You’ll probably need a few different versions of your boilerplate. Facebook alone has space for a short version and a long version. So get writing. You can do this on the fly as you look at each of them, or you can take some time beforehand with your favorite word processing program and prep them in advance.

Either way, this challenge may take more than a few minutes. But it can also be broken up into manageable milestones for each of your outlets. So commit this week to get through your list and get those boilerplates heading all in the same direction.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? That’s totally normal. If you feel like this is over your head or out of your reach or any of those other idioms, that’s where we are happy to step in. This stuff can be boring and tedious. But, call us crazy, we actually like doing it. So if you’re in need of assistance, let us help.